Photography Workshop: The Invisible World

24 November 2018, 10:00 - 16:00 ( Add to calendar )

This new course is being run by Adrian Davies of

The light that we can see is only one part of huge range of electromagnetic radiations, including X-rays and radio waves. The human eye can see the “visible parts” composed from a series of colours starting with violet and blue going through to green and finally red. But it is possible to record other wavelengths. Nature photographers have long used infrared (IR) cameras to photograph wildlife at night.

At the other end of the visible spectrum, beyond the violet, is ultraviolet (UV), a much more challenging region in which to photograph. Insects, birds and other animals can see UV. Many subjects that look one colour to us may appear very different when photographed in UV. For example, flowers often display hidden patterns when recorded in UV, pointing insects to the source of nectar. Furthermore, some butterflies and birds can appear very different in UV.

Most animal species that are sensitive to UV also perceive other wavelengths. Honey Bees can see UV, blue and green. By using a suitable filter combination that blocks red and infrared, but transmits UV blue and green, it is possible to simulate how honey bees see flowers in colour. Of course, we will never know for certain if this is indeed how they see them, but it does give us a good idea!

By removing all visible light and just photographing the UV “light”, hidden patterns in flowers and other organisms can be revealed. To photograph in UV you will need a modified camera (making it sensitive to UV) a lens that can transmit UV, a filter to remove the visible light and transmit UV, and source of UV radiation. Whilst this sounds complicated it is not really, and the forthcoming workshop with the SWT will share the secrets of this fascinating area of photography!

Join us for this intriguing day of demonstrations and discussion. There will be opportunities to use your cameras, but please note that the emphasis is primarily on describing this concept and the tools needed to achieve these beautiful results.

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